Collection: Rooibos & Red Bush

Rooibos is a wild bush native to the Mountains in Cederberg, South Africa. In its period of growth, the finest needles are collected and oxidised to obtain that vibrant red colour. The redder the Rooibos, the better its quality!

Rooibos Tea is known for having woody, spiced aromas with undertones of hazelnut, chestnut and sweet caramel or honey. Rooibos is popular amongst even the biggest tea phobes as it is low in tannins, the naturally occurring compounds found in tea, coffee, chocolate etc recognised by their distinctive bitter taste like in strains of black, oolong, pu erh and green. With rooibos also being naturally caffeine free and full of health benefits and nutrients, it makes for a delicious and smooth brew. 

We carry a vibrant collection of Rooibos and Red Bush blends all available for purchase here!