Meet The Owner

Pictured above is owner Alka- Lea Margerison sat smiling with a cup of tea.

Pictured Above: Alka- Lea Margerison

It has been no secret to those closest to me about my desire to one day open up a cozy little tea room. A place where the baking is rustic and traditionally British. From cakes and scones; shortbread and flapjacks; jam tarts and fruit crumbles; to Chelsea buns and iced fingers. All to be enjoyed with pots of hot tea of course!

Getting to this place was not an easy journey. When I first put my thoughts and ideas on paper, it became clear I'd need some professional advice and guidance on how to make all these things a reality. After researching the help  available locally, I soon found myself talking with Business Lolland-Falster. Business Lolland-Falster guided me through the challenges that came along the way and advised me professionally and honestly on how to start up a business within the local area. It was in fact Thomas who pointed me in the direction of the Grand Czarens Hus.

I fell in love with Czarens Hus immediately and thought it was the perfect fit for the Vintage Tea Room I had in was almost everything I envisioned!
Here I found myself in a unique situation presented with an amazing opportunity to work alongside the official landlord - Obsecuram Museum.

So, here I am today turning my dreams into a reality and opening up a Vintage Style English Tea Room in the heart of a lovely little city called Nykøbing Falster, with my daughter Natasha by my side. I am looking forward to welcoming you to “Higgledy Piggledy’s Vintage Tea Room” when once again these closed doors will finally open, on December 1st 2022. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Alka- Lea