Have you heard about Lapacho?

Have you heard about Lapacho?

Lapacho is the new blend on the block and most definitely worth the hype.



"Lapacho" or "Taheebo" is an herb made from the inner bark of a tree native to The Amazon known as the Pau d'Arco. This grand canopy tree is adorned with orchard- like flowers and deeply rooted within the rainforest. Taheebo translates to "tree of Godly grace" and its shredded bark has been used homoeopathically as an ancient remedy and cure for a wide range of ailments. 

Holistic Properties

The indigenous groups of South and Central America revere this herb for its holistic benefits including anti- inflammatory and anti- fungal properties while also being rich in antioxidants. Lapacho has most notably been used in the holistic treatment of cancer and infection as well as malaria, fevers, and arthritis. It's success in treating various conditions has been attributed to the chemical "lapachol" found in the bark which has proved effective against cancerous tumours in particular. Though the benefits are plentiful those suffering from anaemia or anyone pregnant should avoid consuming the herb on a regular basis as it can have blood thinning effects.


Lapacho brews a mild, yellowish cup and has a clear taste. Its strength can vary between strains however most have subtle hints of almond, vanilla and even caramel. The herb requires a little patience as the steep time is between 10-15 minutes however you can achieve similar results by brewing the bark leaf directly in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. 

We are excited to be launching Lapacho on the webstore as it is our first tea with origins in South America! We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do...


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