Sourdough & Tea

Surdej møder te

As former owners of a Tea House we obviously love baking! When we opened the tea room we became increasingly obsessed with infusing our baked goods with tea. From cakes to biscuits to scones and even bread, we've been experimenting with tea infusions wherever we can.

Our recent infusions have been with Sourdough! There are few things that compare to a freshly baked loaf of bread, especially when it's sourdough and it turns out tea can make everything SO much better. 

We've discovered infusing our doughs with certain teas can enhance that distinctive "sour" taste but others also add exciting new flavours. So far we have used a range of our teas in loaves like Lapsang Souchong- which we used in a loaf and in a sourdough pizza base. The smokey flavours added a wood smoke taste to the dough that is otherwise lacking without a pizza oven!

Lapsang Souchong Sourdough Pizza

Honeybush Rooibos added a subtle sweet and nutty flavour and we even tried a Chocolate and Earl Grey loaf which barely lasted the afternoon. The bergamot oils in Earl Grey pair very well with chocolate so we often add it to our evening hot chocolate drinks. This sparked the idea for a chocolate x earl grey loaf and it did not disappoint....


Tea offers so many possibilities and room for experimentation. If you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen one day, maybe try and add a tea brew to your next recipe!

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